WARNING! You should not follow these directions if you don't know what you're doing. Be vigilant and careful about installing anything on your machine. This page is for developers only.

Install Backpack

To get started, first install Backpack.

Grab the latest alpha release from the releases page. Then install it:

  1. Open chrome, select the extensions puzzle icon, and click Manage Extensions.

  2. Enable Developer mode by selecting the switch at the top right of the Manage Extensions screen.

  3. Click Load unpacked and select your newly extracted build directory.

  4. Pin the extension on your toolbar and you're done installing.

Install NPM Packages

Next you'll need to install packages to build your UI. You can skip this section for now.

Install the CLI

You'll need the CLI to bundle xNFTs. Run

yarn add @coral-xyz/xnft-cli

Install React xNFT

You'll need the react-xnft package to build components. Run

yarn add react-xnft

Build Versions

Note that packages are published and tagged corresponding to each Backpack build. If you have unexpected problems, make sure your package version corresponds with your version of Backpack.

To check your Backpack version, open up settings -> preferences and see the bottom of the screen.

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